Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Perfectly Wonderful Day

 They were waiting outside the door.  They wanted fall things, they wanted Christmas.  And I was happy to be back in Shelbyville, Indiana to see them...

I always knew I wanted to be an artist.  My wise and worried parents tried to steer me towards a sensible career like nursing or bookkeeping.  But I knew.  Every time we visited Nashville, Indiana the desire to be an artist and be a part of that grew stronger.  At age 18, I bravely walked into a small consignment shop called "The Stuffed Olive" and offered my wind chimes.  Thus began a life long passion and career.

talkin' old times!
 Happily years later, I ended up in Shelbyville, Indiana, sculpting and building my business, raising two kids and and a career.  I have fond memories and wonderful friendships from those 22 years, and I love coming back to visit.  Yesterday I held my Fall Show at The Horizon Center and with Team Rabbit, I presented my richly colored collection!  It was a wonderful homecoming, with a great turnout of eager customers and loving hugs from old friends!  This picture sums it son Ben is chatting up two of his former teachers from Shelbyville Junior High and High School, Sandy Learned and Darlene McCaughey.  They loved him then and they enjoyed catching up!
fall wren on oak branch
We had a great show, we ate delicious refreshments provided by Team Rabbit and we visited!  Show was over, time to pack up and have lunch, The Chicken Inn of course, and then onto the next leg of our journey...
Susan Kehl's Cupcake Tree
Fall Ornaments
Here are some pictures of our fall collection!
Ben's Haunted Tree

Our collection at Ferrer Gallery

Ben and I arrived in Nashville, Indiana for the next exciting part of our busy day.  Ben, my sisters Rosey Bolte and Patti Beck are being  featured at the Ferrer Gallery this month!  Last night was the Second Saturday Art Walk, so Rosey, Ben and I attended the fun and festive event!!!  It was so exciting for me to be there, it has been 40 years since I walked into that little shop and stepped into my lifelong career.   I enjoyed the visits of my friends and customers, and the closeness of my family.  How wonderful to share our talent and our careers in such a perfect place!

yummy food of course!

Rosey Bolte and Barb Brooke Davis
Our own "Awesome" Autumn Baughman
  To say that I am blessed is an understatement.  I have had a very interesting and rewarding career.  Yesterday just seemed to be a crystal moment, a time capsule of all the experiences and steps that have brought me to this day, this hour.  So, on this beautiful fall morning, I feel at peace, whole and full.  Thanks to all the people who hugged me yesterday and wished me well.  Life is good on Rabbitville Road, and I for one, am thankful.  

The Ferrer Gallery is located at 61 West Main St, Nashville, IN.
Here is their website for more info:

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mamas collection said...

How blessed to be at this stage of our life and have loving memories of the past and high expectations for peace in our future.....Wonderful!