Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter at the Dunes

What a difference a few months make. My last post was written in the warm summer months. My good friend Gail and I were visiting my daughter and walking on the beach...

I just returned from four days in the same area during some really cold weather. Wind chills of -17 degrees kept us from walking the beach and watching the beautiful sunsets but they also gave us a deep appreciation of warm fires in the fireplace and delightful knitting lessons with friends.

Cold temperatures keep us in and cozy. We talked, we cooked and we tried to fix each other's knitting. (Now how did she do that stitch?) During the summer we are in the middle of work and production, ramping up for the coming busy season. This time of year we are looking back at the just past Christmas season and planning the upcoming year. How wonderful to sit by a warm fire, count our blessings and anticipate the wonderful changes that will naturally come with a new baby in our midst!

Yes! I am going to be a GRANDMOTHER! I will be visiting this outpost a lot this coming year!