Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Fall on Rabbitville Road!

I love fall. I am an October baby and I love when the air is crisp and dry and the leaves start to turn. I have been busy working on my fall collection and have been really enjoying my fall shows. Here are some new pins I have made...ravens are so cool!
I don't know about you, but I always get excited when I go looking for pumpkins. There is a pumpkin patch around the corner from me and they offer all different colors of pumpkins and gourds. They are amazing! I am loving those white ghost pumpkins but the green ones are so different and spooky looking. I found a glaze that comes close, so I painted some of my new batch in those colors. Fun!
Witches. spooky, funny, scary or just plain silly. But this witch, my "cow-witch" is over the top. Look at that skirt! Crazy with color. I love it! This is a rather unconventional view, but I wanted you to see her bright blue bloomers. Who says witches are dark and dreary? Not in my storybook!

My seven acres are full of inspiration! The sun wakes up and turns my yard all golden. The leaves are changing into their fall colors and I am drinking it up like a big cup of cider from Apples Acres. Turkeys chuck in the valley below my house. Mama deer and her twins visit the persimmon tree off and on all day, munching on the plump little purple fruit. Crows call and the holly berries are bright red on the strip of bushes out my studio door. It is sublime and it is rich and it fills me up. I have firewood stacked and ready for the coming winter, but for now, I will love this fall, I will enjoy deeply the colors. sweet!

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