Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Storm damage

Today is my baby girl's birthday. Her last she says as it is #29. Happy Birthday Allyson!!!!!! She and I were awful busy 29 years ago!

Thank heavens this tree did not hit my house. I think every foot of my yard has leaves or branches on it! The whole county is covered with broken trees leaves and branches. I am thankful there was not more damage. We are going to get out the chain saw tonight and cut this bad boy up and clean up the mess. the only casualty was my little yellow wagon; it looks like a fortune cookie!

Work is coming along well! I almost have the shop back together. Friends are coming Sunday to shop so it must be finished! I have pieces to make today too...

I just sent my son-in-law off with a good breakfast of blueberry muffins. I love it when he comes down to visit. He helps care for his Grandmother Hazel and when he comes from the Dunes to see her, I get the benefit of his stay. And speaking of damage, the Dunes sustained quite a bit of flood damage from Lake Michigan. The high waters undermined a 15 foot stretch of the lower parking lot. What a mess!

The Jackson Bed and Breakfast is going to be busy the next few weeks! Brandt here last night, Ben is coming this weekend to work int he studio and watch the puppies while I go see my sister Rosey and meet her new husband! Then next week my good friend Phyllis from new Mexico is coming to visit for a week! And Brandt and Ben!!!! I do love company.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A great weekend!

My first fall show was great. it is so much fun to catch up with everyone and hear the latest and show off what I have made. I got to see new babies! I am blessed with such good friends. The puppies missed me....The weekend was good altogether. Today we had that hard wind and it blew the top out of a tree in my back yard. It landed 3 feet from my new deck and about the same from my shed. Another huge tree fell over in my woods but thankfully did not land on the neighbor's property.

My friend Krystal came over tonight and I started the alterations on her wedding dress. She is so excited. She is marrying a very nice young Amish man named Henry. He is good to her and her children. I am so happy for her!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Late night with the kiln

I just put the kiln to bed. Hopefully everything will turn out! The puppies have been asleep for hours. I did glaze a lot of stuff tonight, but I so wanted to glaze the headless horseman. Oh well, next time!

All the world is quiet and it is time for me to catch some rest. tomorrow will be a busy day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Autumn slips in...

Fall is here in Indiana. It got pretty chilly last night and I loved it. We walked the dogs and tromped through more dropped leaves on the path. It smelled like fall, too! The dogs are playing on the front deck right now, wrestling, jumping, enjoying the coolness. Jack is so good for Annie!

The birds and animals are starting to move. Huge flocks of starlings are gathering south of town, swooping, separating, coming back together in a ballet of preparation for their southward journey. The turkeys are milling about here on my farm, too...and it drives Annie crazy. She stands on the deck and barks at them furiously. Funny. She is really bothered by birds somehow, I think it is because they can fly away from her. Soon the cranes will be stopping over on their way south and she will really be beside herself. Jack gets really serious when he sees the geese at the Park, he stiffens and begins that point behavior. I think if I shot one he would happily retrieve it. The deer are moving too. All creatures are preparing for the coming winter.

And so am I!! Work is coming along so well. I have had several visitors at my studio lately and I enjoy it. Working by myself is good, peaceful. These visits from my friends, my neighbors stopping by and my evening walks even out my day. And of course, I am kept excellent company by my creations! More and more like Beatrix Potter? I hope so...I am well suited to this quiet life!

Friday, September 5, 2008

it's September after all!

Okay so this is how I feel right at this moment! I am sculpting, finishing the newsletter, printing the newsletter, house breaking a puppy, loving a puppy, trying to keep the puppy from eating my shoes, leg, hands and everything in the house, trying to go fishing, glazing, loading the kiln, planning on learning how to make chili rellenos from my neighbor, do the dishes, oh did I mention answer the phone and eat lunch? and sculpting? ha ha ha. busy Friday. And pretty normal for this time of year. It is hard to have a life and run a business and work and..enough of that.

I did teach myself how to print labels on envelopes so that saves a step. I do love my work so that is a good thing. Now if I could just type properly I would be all set!

The pieces that I am making are turning out so well and being well received. That makes me happy. Okay. back to work...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend

I am so pleased with my corn shocks! Everything in the kiln turned out well last night. It has been a good week of results. I have felt pumped and have gotten a lot accomplished. Last night I worked on the website, catching up some of the pages that needed uploaded. The fall page looks great. Still need to do the Christmas one but that will require quiet a block of concentration. Ben spent the holiday weekend with me and our dogs played and wrestled like crazy. His haunted house turned out so well!

My new neighbor brought me a home made chili relleno. I was so thrilled to get it, eat it and by the crazy fact that she just brought it to me. I gave her two pieces of peach pie that I had made. She and her husband are going to show me how to make tamales. Life is amazing here on Rabbitville Road!