Monday, March 26, 2018

Consider Boutique!

I held my first show at Consider Boutique on St Patrick's Day!  Ben and I worked hard in preparation,   sculpting all our best ideas.  I drove down on Friday, and Louisville Team Rabbit Captain Clarice Denoux and shop owner Casey Emrich helped me set up.  

Casey had a place all picked out for our tables.  After all the boxes were in, Clarice and Casey started placing the pieces to their best advantage.  It looked wonderful!

Clarice and I went back to her house and relaxed.  While she cooked a yummy dinner, I priced some more pieces.  It's always so nice to visit after setting up.

Clarice is a wonderful cook.  We talked and caught up.

This is Toots the shop dog.

The show was great!!!  We had a good crowd and great visits.  I want to give a big shout out to Team Rabbit members Clarice Denoux, Debbie Uhl and Mary Jane Emrich.  They make my shows fun and doable!  I also want to thank Shopkeeper Casey Emrich for letting us have our show at Consider Boutique.  I love this shop and having them represent us.  I left a good selection of items for spring, so be sure to stop in and get that perfect hostess gift or addition to your own collection.  I have already made some tiny "pocket ritas" to send as soon as they are ready.  

So, if you need a rita or a ben, stop in at

107 S. Bayly
Louisville, KY

(502) 409-6300

Consider Boutique is located one block south of Frankfort Ave, turn on Bayly between Porcini's and Carmichael's Bookstore.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spring Show in Shelbyville, Indiana

We just had a fantastic Spring Show in Shelbyville, Indiana.  I lived there for over 22 years and it will always feel like home to me, so when I go back for shows I am always excited for the homecoming feel and the chance to see my lifelong friends!  It takes a lot of work getting ready for one of our shows, getting the ideas, sculpting the pieces, firing them, glazing them, and then firing them a second time.  After all of this creating part is finished, then I have to pack it all up and take it to the venue.  By this time I have set up the show, publicized it, worked with Team Rabbit to help me and made arrangements for Leon to stay with my daughter and family.  That is important.

We pack very carefully in boxes that have dividers that I have made to fit the boxes.  It's precious cargo!

Team Rabbit helps unpack and place the items for the show.  We have a great visit and get to catch up on all the latest news.  Steve Kehl unpacks pieces in this picture, while his wife Susan gets her wrapping table ready in the back ground.  Team Rabbit rocked this show.
After we are set up, we go get something to eat at one of our favorite places.  We love the fish sandwiches at West Side Pub and Grub.   Team Rabbit Captain Nancy Seeman and her husband Doug always know the best places!  They are the owners of Sanders Jewelry Store in Shelbyville and they carry our work in their store.  I stay with them when I am in town.  It's the best.  

Team Rabbit bakes and brings the most yummy treats.  Here we see Ben with Susan Kehl, Nancy Seeman and Mary Kay Cortelyou right before the show.  Sandy Learned and Marcia Kuhn were there to help too.  After taking this picture I went outside to visit with the eager shoppers waiting in line.  We had fun and then it was time for the doors to open.  I am sorry I don't have pictures of the crowd during the show, but the girls were using my phone to take credit cards and I was busy visiting and answering questions.  It was a lovely whirl of shopping, visiting, and lots of hugs.  Oh, and sharing pictures and stories about grandkids.  Thank you Team Rabbit and thank you to all of my dear friends who came to visit and get their ritas and bens.  XOXOXO!