Saturday, February 28, 2009

back home!

I brought a new little sweetheart home today. Leo the puppy is staying with us till we can find him a home. jack and I have fallen in love with him already...annie is not so convinced though she is doing better. she is cranky on a good day. Leo is so adorable. he is so soft and well behaved. he and jack just wrestle and run and enjoy themselves so much. I'm curious to see how tonight goes.

I got my mail today from my sweet neighbors who collected it while I was gone. lots of interesting mail...including an invitation to do the chocolate show in Paris! wow. now wouldn't that be something. it would be incredible but who would watch my puppies???

Thursday, February 26, 2009

visit to the dunes

my goodness it is time to write in my blog. I went to Louisville last Thursday and bought a new macbook. I have been busy ever since, learning how to use it. it is fantastic. there is a lot to learn though.

I made a trip up here to visit Brandt and Allyson at the Dunes. we are having a wonderful visit. I even walked all four dogs at once! Allyson and I have had really good marketing talks. she is one smart cookie. I have learned a lot and now I am ready to go home and out it all in practice.
I can't believe how much Zia has grown. she is one sturdy little pup. she and jack have had a ball. and Indigo has stuck to me like glue. he has been my special pal. I am so blessed to have such wonderful grand pups! and kids, too...

the wind is howling. it is really fierce up here, lake effect and all. it has been so cozy all holed up here in their wonderful lake home. what a beautiful place to live. and I am so lucky I get to visit!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3D stilettoes!

good thing I relaxed last I have been bu-sy as a bee. Requests have been coming in from my clients for a 3D stiletto ever since I started making the ornament style. coming up with pattern is not an easy thing for a shoe like this! It has had me preoccupied for several weeks. I decided to day I was going to make one or know the reason why! and I did. I surrounded myself with shoes, real one, photographs...the mood had to be right so I could figure it out. I have also been asked to make St Paddy's Day shoes and so forth...this is so much fun!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Late at night, all is quiet. another good day and it is time to sleep. I am listening to a really pretty song. nice. I started on my spring collection today! It is time. it has been warm but I hear cold weather is coming back. not good but it will warm up for good pretty soon.

I took dinner to a friend today. she has her plate full of so much stress. it was the only thing I could do to help really...the meatloaf is delicious and the brownies divine. I am blessed with my career and my simple rewarding life. My children and happy, productive adults who love and take care of me. and my dogs love me. what else can a woman want or need besides warm weather and a sunny day?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Another good day on Rabbitville Road. I worked I made things, I got my hair cut and walked the dogs. that is about it and that is enough. I have enjoyed my peacefulness today...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Labradoodle looking for a home...

A friend of mine is looking for a home for this beautiful dog. if you are interested, just let me know! He lives in Hope, Indiana.
Here is what he wrote me:
The dog is a Labradoodle.F1B that we got at Coyote Creek Kennels near Indy. His name is Leo, short for Leonardo. He is about 6 months old and 36+ lbs. and as you can see from the photo, all black. He is crate and house trained, walks well on a lead, is microchipped and up-to-date on all shots. We have his ancestry info as well. We paid $425 for him but would take much less if we could find a good home with other dogs for him to play with. There is also a large cage available.

sunday in february

Okay, get with the program rita!

I finally fixed my mailbox today. I had a time of it, broke two brand new drill bits but I got it to work. I used a hook I bought in New Mexico and put it on upside down. I think it will work just fine.

the pups and I took a nice long walk at the Park again today. it was cold but we enjoyed it. I fixed this mail box and then set about cleaning the office. people have been wonderful about saving me boxes lately and I needed to organize them. ta da! it has been a good weekend.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day on Rabbitville Road

this has been a good day. I cleaned, did laundry, played with the dogs (I found 5 tennis balls under the furniture!) and went to Bloomington to look at Mac books. sigh. I spent an hour and a half in Hobby Lobby looking at the spring stuff and scrapbook papers for backgrounds. I had fun. a bright young lady in Best Buys gave me a lot of information about apple computers. it was so helpful! now I just have to think about it.

Back home and the dogs were sure happy to see me. Jack has been loving on me non-stop. he is such a good dog...

signs of life!

yes! signs of life! my spring bulbs are peeking through the dirt. hints of beautiful flowers to come. time for me to plan my spring shows, and start creating my spring collection. flowers! what can be better...well maybe some sunshine. still, it is still dry and no snow on the ground. I am thankful for that.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! okay, a bit early but better early than not at all. I have been having a good week, visiting friends, opening valentines, and wonderful packages from japan filled with beautiful cards and delicious cookies. yum-my. I spent Wednesday with Fumi san and Dorine, listening to them talk about quilts. Ben and I picked up clay and he bought me a fantastic steak dinner at Texas roadhouse. my son is wonderful! Neighbor girl Kelcey stayed with me last night since her little brother had surgery. he is fine and we had fun. What an interesting little girl, very well travelled. I have started walking at the Park again. Sunday I heard Sand hill cranes and Tuesday I saw a 3 foot black snake. spring is definitely on it's way. walking lifts my spirits and tones my legs at the same time...what a deal! winter weight is gone and now for definition...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine Show in Shelbyville big success!

Hello! the "hearts, chocolate, diamonds and ritas show" in Shelbyville was a great success and FUN! my friends kept telling me how happy they were that Nancy and I gave them an occasion and reason to get out of the house and do something different. the weather was perfect, the chocolate divine and conversation lively. the jewelry and bunnies were happily matched. I had so much fun!!!! Each guest visiting received the little party favor shown in the picture on the right...a ritabunny magnet made especially to hold upcoming show invitations. Thanks to everyone who came and see you at the spring show!

Friday, February 6, 2009

this has been a long, long day. I am going to Shelbyville, IN tomorrow for a new kind of show...a"hearts, chocolate, diamonds and ritas" reception at Sanders Jewelry Store downtown. I am very excited, it is new and different. Nancy and Doug Seeman are such wonderful friends and very kind to carry my work at their store. this reception will kick off a wonderful new opportunity for me. my good friend Fumi san is back in town so I will get to visit with her, too!

so, I have been getting everything ready. and I am tired. Jack is ready for bed so I had better get some sleep. tomorrow will be an exciting day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

more snow?

you have got to be kidding me...more snow? oh no! but I keep telling myself that spring will come we are moving towards it and this snow will melt. someday. eventually. sigh. If you want to see some pictures of the snow on Rabbitville Road, click on this link:

meanwhile I am working and making some really fun pieces for Valentine's day! I am so excited about sharing them with my Shelbyville friends this weekend. and I will get to go.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February is here at last...that means march is just around the corner and spring will get here soon. it better, everyone I know is about to bust! I took the dogs for a walk today at the park. they loved it and about broke my arms off again. that jack is strong. I have been doing housework and getting ready for my show next Saturday at Sanders Jewelry Store in Shelbyville, IN. Nancy and I are calling it "hearts, chocolate, diamonds and ritas!" it will be fun. here is a picture of one of the pieces.