Friday, August 28, 2009

Obviously I haven't written in this blog for a long time. losing my mom really took something out of me. It has been hard to find joy let alone the spirit to endure daily life. My Dad kept telling us he wanted to join her and that of course was frightening. but it was his life and his choice. he died August 1st. he had a glorious death if anyone ever can. we surrounded him, we loved him, we told him that. he told us his last bits of wisdom and gave us our last charges. he loved so well. we weren't with him when he died but that was perfect too as he longed to be with Mother and she came for him. he said she had been hanging about the hospital room for days. they are together now and I am happy for him.

I ma sad for us. we all miss him and we talk about it. I pull my phone out of my pocket a dozen times a day to call him and then sadly put it back. and I cry. he knew how to love if ever a man on earth did. and I admire him for it.

I miss you Daddy.