Friday, October 7, 2011

Busy, Busy October Day

Tomorrow will be a big day! I am presenting my Fall Collection at the Horizon Center in Shelbyville, Indiana. I met with Team Rabbit this evening, we unloaded and went for dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant. Later we set up the show and I must admit I loved every minute, every ooh and ahhh as my dear friends unpacked and placed each piece. My career really started while I lived in Shelbyville and I have so many good memories and good friends there. I am looking forward to tomorrow morning!

I hate to think beyond it, but after the show, my son Ben and I are heading to Nashville, IN to the Ferrer Gallery and the second Saturday Gallery Walk. This one will be special...along with my two sisters Patti Beck and Rosey Bolte, Ben and I are being featured in a gallery show called "All in the Family." This will be the first time my sisters and I will be in such a show together and adding Ben makes it even better! Can't wait!

The picture is of my latest and favorite ever Santa, a woodland one with three birds. He is inspired by my wonderful seven acres on Rabbitville Road, my studio in the woods. His robe has pine needles and cones stamped on it and I have added bright red berries for color. He reminds me of my Dad.

I have so many Santa ideas this year, I can't wait to get back in the studio. But first, some good times with my old friends, and some happy hours in beautiful Brown County and the gallery.

I had better get some rest...

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