Monday, January 5, 2009

winter projects

I have a winter project! I am tiling my guest bathroom floor. I am so excited about this, and I am making good progress. I had already torn up the old nasty carpet and the tack strips, so I was ready to get busy on it! I hauled everything out Friday evening, cabinet, toilet, etc. I measured and re-measured to be sure of what I needed. Saturday I went to Lowe's in Bloomington and luckily ran into a fishing friend of mine who now works at Lowe's in the flooring department. He helped me find everything I needed, put it in the cart, and even help load it in my car. Cement backerboard is heavy!

I came back that afternoon and started screwing down the underlayment. And I used about an inch and a half of screws out of that great big box! Sunday morning I started cutting the "Duroc" cement backerboard.Iit was so warm out, almost balmy. By the time I finished piecing and cutting it was 3:30 PM and very cold outside! I was happy to be done with that part of the project. I had picked these lovely terra cotta color tiles out to go with the existing color scheme. at the store I changed my mind and bought a tan color friend told me I would bring them back. Sure enough the tiles did not work with the colors I had already used. I had absolutely no desire to change everything else and repaint so I took all the heavy boxes of tiles back.

I am so happy with the project so far and can't wait to start putting the tiles down. However, I have to thinset the backerboard in and tape the joints, and let it dry a day before I can get serious about the next step.

Life is good! I dreamed about angels last night. I was going to make them, had to make them, I had made them and they were sitting there. usually two of them together and it made me happy to see them. I am starting back in with the clay today and I can't wait! I miss it and need to work on orders. yes, life is better than good, it is wonderful.

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