Wednesday, January 21, 2009

good news on a cold winter's day

I have been working on the newsletter all day. I can't wait to get back to the clay table. The upcoming hearts and chocolate and ritas parties are going to be so much fun. I have other exciting things going on as well. I have been asked to participate in the Women in Clay gallery showing at the American Art Clay Co Gallery of Contemporary Ceramics in March! The exhibit opens March 20th so I must get after it. It features the work of women artists that use AMACO products in their work. they didn't hold this exhibition last year but the year before they used a photo of my piece, "the Picnic" as the cover for their invitation. I have been trying to decide what I will make for this year's showing and I am leaning towards a Cabana beach scene, like I used to do for Tichenor's years ago. I think I would enjoy revisiting that.
and the second bit of news from that company...every year they publish a new catalog of their products. I have been using their clay and glazes for 4o years. they feature photographs of different artist's work throughout the catalog and I have always enjoyed looking at the work of the various artists. GUESS WHAT!!!! I got the call last week..this year MY work is featured in the catalog with a brief description of the piece. I am so thrilled and can't wait to see it...the catalog they tell me, is on it's way to my house.
btw, this is a picture of one of my valentine zebras in the process of drying!

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