Wednesday, January 14, 2009

hearts and flowers and ritas of course!

oh dear, time has slipped away from me again. I have been working on that bathroom and have it all grouted now. I am going to clean off the excess grout here in a bit.

I am working on valentine's bunnies. and you know how I LOVE chocolate...I am going to have little chocolate shows here and there and it will be so much fun to show off my newest ritas! I never have shows this time of year so this is a treat. and speaking of treats, I will have just that! chocolates, cake, desserts, hearts and flowers and my red and pink collection. in japan, ladies give each other valentine presents more than it being just a romantic thing. men do give their women a gift though. I say, is is a time for fun, desserts and treating ourselves to something that will brighten an otherwise dreary month. yea! I have scheduled one chocolate extravaganza in Louisville, Jan 29th and one on Feb 7th in Shelbyville, IN at Sanders Jewelry Store. now that IS a perfect situation...throw in some diamonds! perfecto!!! more info on my website!!!!

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