Thursday, January 8, 2009

the sun is out! that makes me happy. the tiles are coming along upstairs and bunnies are shaping up for valentine's day in the studio. the puppies are in and out as usual. all is right with the world...and I am thankful.

winter is the time to work on inside projects, isn't it? I always clean, update and research during January. and today I learned a little more about this blogging business. if you like, you can become a follower of my Rabbitville Road blog. you can become a Rabbitville Reader! just go to the bottom of this list of blog posts and click on the link. it's easy and would be interesting to me to know who is actually reading it. research! I have been having fun with my facebook page, and my send a virtual ritabunny application...the Internet is fun and engaging.

try it!

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