Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Storm damage

Today is my baby girl's birthday. Her last she says as it is #29. Happy Birthday Allyson!!!!!! She and I were awful busy 29 years ago!

Thank heavens this tree did not hit my house. I think every foot of my yard has leaves or branches on it! The whole county is covered with broken trees leaves and branches. I am thankful there was not more damage. We are going to get out the chain saw tonight and cut this bad boy up and clean up the mess. the only casualty was my little yellow wagon; it looks like a fortune cookie!

Work is coming along well! I almost have the shop back together. Friends are coming Sunday to shop so it must be finished! I have pieces to make today too...

I just sent my son-in-law off with a good breakfast of blueberry muffins. I love it when he comes down to visit. He helps care for his Grandmother Hazel and when he comes from the Dunes to see her, I get the benefit of his stay. And speaking of damage, the Dunes sustained quite a bit of flood damage from Lake Michigan. The high waters undermined a 15 foot stretch of the lower parking lot. What a mess!

The Jackson Bed and Breakfast is going to be busy the next few weeks! Brandt here last night, Ben is coming this weekend to work int he studio and watch the puppies while I go see my sister Rosey and meet her new husband! Then next week my good friend Phyllis from new Mexico is coming to visit for a week! And Brandt and Ben!!!! I do love company.

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