Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Autumn slips in...

Fall is here in Indiana. It got pretty chilly last night and I loved it. We walked the dogs and tromped through more dropped leaves on the path. It smelled like fall, too! The dogs are playing on the front deck right now, wrestling, jumping, enjoying the coolness. Jack is so good for Annie!

The birds and animals are starting to move. Huge flocks of starlings are gathering south of town, swooping, separating, coming back together in a ballet of preparation for their southward journey. The turkeys are milling about here on my farm, too...and it drives Annie crazy. She stands on the deck and barks at them furiously. Funny. She is really bothered by birds somehow, I think it is because they can fly away from her. Soon the cranes will be stopping over on their way south and she will really be beside herself. Jack gets really serious when he sees the geese at the Park, he stiffens and begins that point behavior. I think if I shot one he would happily retrieve it. The deer are moving too. All creatures are preparing for the coming winter.

And so am I!! Work is coming along so well. I have had several visitors at my studio lately and I enjoy it. Working by myself is good, peaceful. These visits from my friends, my neighbors stopping by and my evening walks even out my day. And of course, I am kept excellent company by my creations! More and more like Beatrix Potter? I hope so...I am well suited to this quiet life!

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