Friday, September 5, 2008

it's September after all!

Okay so this is how I feel right at this moment! I am sculpting, finishing the newsletter, printing the newsletter, house breaking a puppy, loving a puppy, trying to keep the puppy from eating my shoes, leg, hands and everything in the house, trying to go fishing, glazing, loading the kiln, planning on learning how to make chili rellenos from my neighbor, do the dishes, oh did I mention answer the phone and eat lunch? and sculpting? ha ha ha. busy Friday. And pretty normal for this time of year. It is hard to have a life and run a business and work and..enough of that.

I did teach myself how to print labels on envelopes so that saves a step. I do love my work so that is a good thing. Now if I could just type properly I would be all set!

The pieces that I am making are turning out so well and being well received. That makes me happy. Okay. back to work...

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