Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend

I am so pleased with my corn shocks! Everything in the kiln turned out well last night. It has been a good week of results. I have felt pumped and have gotten a lot accomplished. Last night I worked on the website, catching up some of the pages that needed uploaded. The fall page looks great. Still need to do the Christmas one but that will require quiet a block of concentration. Ben spent the holiday weekend with me and our dogs played and wrestled like crazy. His haunted house turned out so well!

My new neighbor brought me a home made chili relleno. I was so thrilled to get it, eat it and by the crazy fact that she just brought it to me. I gave her two pieces of peach pie that I had made. She and her husband are going to show me how to make tamales. Life is amazing here on Rabbitville Road!

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