Monday, December 29, 2008

back to work. we had the most wonderful Christmas. Allyson was here all week with her two puppies. the baby boxer is a delight though I see why they have named her "demon dog" she is totally fearless. Jack loves her and they play pretty rough. Ben came back down Wednesday morning and Brandt made it in that evening. I made my last Louisville delivery Wednesday at 6 PM. did some more Christmas shopping and left for home and dinner with Brandt and I made 3 more Santas to be delivered Saturday. finally finished with sculpting for the year!

We relaxed and slept. Christmas morning and I had a houseful of laughing happy kids and running, wrestling puppies! we wrapped presents, and then gathered round the tree and enjoyed the happy business of unwrapping them, showing off each treasure. Ben made us eggnog lattes and fixed us breakfast. it was a wonderful day!

Friday I painted that last order and relaxed in a quiet house. the kids went to their dad's and took Zia the boxer. Saturday I got up and packed the order and headed for Shelbyville...on the road again! finally I was finished with the season...and ready to shop! okay so I was a little behind my time but I had fun.

I am so blessed and so happy. life is good on Rabbitville Road!

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