Saturday, December 20, 2008

okay I wrote this right before Christmas and somehow didn't publish it. so here it is:

all is kids are here and both still asleep. it takes me back to the years when they were little and I would be working as they slept in their beds. Being an elf was not easy but they accepted their family business responsibility well! They took it seriously and helped however they could, keeping house, painting ornaments, giving neck rubs. I have two wonderful children! Now that they are adults and their lives are filled with their own responsibilities, they don't get down here as much as we all would like. But when they do come, rowdy happy puppies in tow, we all laugh and hug and remember those days in Rays Crossing, living and working in Santa's workshop.

It's 7 AM. I have caught up on the dishes, fed the puppies their morning treats, and baked a sweet smelling ham for Sunday breakfast. I still have several orders to make and today must count. after waking Allyson up VERY early, the pups are all back asleep. 5! and each one more excited than the next to get to play with puppy cousins. Life is so good. More puppy pictures soon!

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