Friday, October 10, 2008

I had a wonderful surprise last night! My good friend and hostess for the Yokohama leg of my trip to Japan called me last night! I had not spoken with Kazumi san Farry for a few months. She asked me when I was coming back to japan!!! Oh how I wish. Still, I plan on visiting again soon. this reminded me that I had made her special ritabunnies this summer to be sent when she returned from their summer n Vancouver, so I will ship them to her in japan today. it is high time I sent all those ladies I visited a newsletter and the little photo books Allyson made for them. Nice fall treat! I had better include some chocolate.

I really have to make reindeer today. they are laying their all legged out and ready to go. I be they think I don't love them anymore. so! back to work and I must get after it, as they say in Lawrence county...

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