Monday, May 7, 2018

Spring Flowers and Warm Sunshine

It's been a long cold winter.  Just look at this little bluebird, all puffed out to keep warm earlier this spring.  He can relax now, because the temps are warmer and the sun is out!  I am so happy for the warm up, I can hardly stay in the studio to do my work.  Spring has finally come!

The spring flowers are finally popping out.  This Virginia BlueBell is stunning.  It sits next to some tall phlox.  The bit of pink on tiny buds contrasts nicely with the full blown blue of the older blossoms, and the green leaves are a perfect background.  I love this wild flower.

The Jack in the Pulpit is unfurling and Celadine Poppy is just beautiful.  Spring!  Color!  Warmth!  It all makes me so happy.  Time to be outside as much as possible and enjoy the gardens and the birds.

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