Friday, April 27, 2018

Time in the Southern Part of the State

It's been cold up here.  The cold and dreariness has lingered and I have not enjoyed it.  After my show in Louisville in March,  I got right on my taxes, and then prepared for an Art Fair in warmer climes.  Funk in the City is held at Haynie's Corner Arts District in Evansville, IN, and I am enjoying participating again.  Hoping we would have nice sunny weather I couldn't wait!

Ben and I set up the booth early, early Saturday morning.  It was warm and sunny and people came in droves to enjoy the day.  I got to see so many old friends and made lots of new ones too. People loved what we brought!  And we loved standing in the sun drinking up the warm weather.  I can't begin to tell you what that did for my attitude.  It must have had the same effect on the other fair goers because I heard over and over again how happy they were to have a nice day with no snow or cold winds.  Yay!

We took down the booth when the show was over, 
and I drove up to see my dear gardening friend
Gail Woodruff in Mitchell, IN.  Her yard was way ahead of mine and the flowers were just beautiful.  Her serviceberry had really bloomed out.  I helped her put support rings around the peony plants we mulched last summer.   I had lunch with some of her good friends from church.  It was a nice meal.  We did a few other gardening tasks also.  We talked about quilting, art, cooking, grandkids and just about everything we always do.  I love my visits with Gail.

I left Sunday afternoon after a wonderful visit and headed to up to see my son Ben in Fountain Square.  He was relaxing after our show.  We had a nice dinner at The Red Lion Pub and hung out in
his studio.  Of course we had ice cream cones from the tiny Dairy Queen down the street.  He had to get up early for work, so I got ready and headed down to Sanders Jewelry for a visit with Nancy and Doug Seeman, and Peggy Phares too!  We had fun and we switched out some spring items and I left some fresh pieces for the store.  They are truly fine people and I love being there! 
What a treat.  Seeing all of these good friends and soaking up all of that sunshine.  Still, I was missing my grandkids and it was time to head back up to Chesterton and my little cottage.  I was happy to get home and see my flowers blooming and feel the warm temps up in my neck of the woods.  Farewell to Indiana's southern coast, and hello to Indiana's northern one!  And finally, I welcome Spring and being able to comfortably be outdoors!  

Thanks to everyone for my nice trip, good sales and sweet friendship.  ❤️

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