Sunday, February 4, 2018

Snowy Sunday Morning on Taft St.

I woke up to snow this morning.  It is February and winter has time left on the clock.  My daughter and grandkids were very excited at the prospect of more sledding, but I will admit my heart sank a little at the weather forecast last night.  The snow is lovely but the coming frigid temps don't sound too appealing.  Still, the studio is cozy and it is a great time for sculpting some orders and new ideas.  Watching the birds at the feeders prompts me to get to work.

Mrs. Cardinal stopped in for a snack.  She and the Mr. are regular visitors at my feeders and I love seeing their bright color against the snow.  She was joined by house sparrows, a chickadee, a downy woodpecker, house finches and a few starlings.

I have really been enjoying making these birds.  Like I said before, I keep making them smaller and in different forms.  These soft blue pocket birds will be wonderful and so tiny!  You can see that I have a little cardinal there too.  I am making a bigger size cardinal this morning.  Art imitates life.  And life is very good on Taft St.

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