Thursday, February 8, 2018

My Little Shop Girl

It's a Gaga day.  And my grand-daughter has come to visit.  My grandson is now 6 and in first grade.  Pink (that's what I have called her from the first moment I saw her when she was born) loves to come and spend the day.  She's a very bright, vivacious, determined little child and she loves to help.  We do crafts, we feed the birds, we build with legos, we fold clothes, we play with the doll house, we do dishes.  But she really loves to be a shop girl and help Gaga in the studio.  This girl simply loves to paint.

She makes things out of the clay I use, and now that she is 3 and a big girl (no Gaga, I'm a little girl, I'm just not a baby) she makes things that look like what she wants them to look like.  Gaga fires them and then she paints them!  Oh the colors!  The pink and purple, the red and green...the blue.  She's a natural.  Mommy says Gaga is really patient and I say I am grooming my future helper.  And besides, I really enjoy her company.

She loves to help me when I ship things to "far away."  She loves to pop the bubble wrap, just like big brother and Mommy and Uncle Ben did when they were little.  She draws pictures on the notes  I tuck inside and she plays with the calculator.  But most of all, she loves to see what Gaga makes.  And hold it in her little hand.  Some special little someone has come to visit, and brighten Gaga's day.