Thursday, February 26, 2009

visit to the dunes

my goodness it is time to write in my blog. I went to Louisville last Thursday and bought a new macbook. I have been busy ever since, learning how to use it. it is fantastic. there is a lot to learn though.

I made a trip up here to visit Brandt and Allyson at the Dunes. we are having a wonderful visit. I even walked all four dogs at once! Allyson and I have had really good marketing talks. she is one smart cookie. I have learned a lot and now I am ready to go home and out it all in practice.
I can't believe how much Zia has grown. she is one sturdy little pup. she and jack have had a ball. and Indigo has stuck to me like glue. he has been my special pal. I am so blessed to have such wonderful grand pups! and kids, too...

the wind is howling. it is really fierce up here, lake effect and all. it has been so cozy all holed up here in their wonderful lake home. what a beautiful place to live. and I am so lucky I get to visit!

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