Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! okay, a bit early but better early than not at all. I have been having a good week, visiting friends, opening valentines, and wonderful packages from japan filled with beautiful cards and delicious cookies. yum-my. I spent Wednesday with Fumi san and Dorine, listening to them talk about quilts. Ben and I picked up clay and he bought me a fantastic steak dinner at Texas roadhouse. my son is wonderful! Neighbor girl Kelcey stayed with me last night since her little brother had surgery. he is fine and we had fun. What an interesting little girl, very well travelled. I have started walking at the Park again. Sunday I heard Sand hill cranes and Tuesday I saw a 3 foot black snake. spring is definitely on it's way. walking lifts my spirits and tones my legs at the same time...what a deal! winter weight is gone and now for definition...

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