Sunday, November 9, 2008

sunday in the studio

uh oh! I'm falling behind in my blog. of course I am sort of busy...and I have helped my friend Krystal get ready for her wedding. she is a shorty like me so I had to hem her wedding dress. it was beautiful...three layers, three hems, 6 hours! and I made her veil and headpiece also. last night she married her Amish man and she looked so happy.

I had company yesterday in the studio. first of all, I have a friend helping me some when she has a chance. she cuts my hair and we got to talking and she wanted a bit of work to help with Christmas. her name is Leah and she was born to paint! single mother of two...we certainly come from the same place. she is good company and a very good painter. A good friend from Broad Ripple in Indy came and spent the afternoon yesterday also! Becky had her lists, her ideas and notes and spent the afternoon plotting out her holiday gift giving. it was so much fun to watch her discover this or that perfect peice that was tucked away here or there, "I didn't see this, this would be perfect for so and so" I love it. Becky is urging me to have a show in Indianapolis for all my customers up there and if the time permits I may do it yet this year. hmmn. Leah glazed turkeys and I made elves and we all enjoyed being safe and warm inside as the temperature dropped and the wind blew. It was a great day!

everything is turning out so well. as always I am working way too much but it is so much fun I can't stop. the dogs are in and out, play with their toys, and finally drop off to sleep on their beds at my feet. and I keep sculpting. with the show at the Clifton center coming up next weekend, this is going to be a tough week. still, I will have the temptations boutique the next week, so if I sell out next Saturday, my clients can always come to that show. okay, I have to go paint!

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