Friday, June 1, 2018

Camp Gaga!

Summer is here.  School is out and the weather has finally warmed up.  It's time for Camp Gaga!

My grandkids and I have lots of fun.  We do a lot of crafts, we study the world around us and we revel in the beauty of nature.  But when summer comes, we just can't wait for the official start of Camp Gaga!!!

Wednesdays are our fun days.  We gather in the morning and head outdoors to monitor the growth of all of Gaga's flowers. As the summer progresses, we anticipate the ripening of service berries, raspberries, black berries, and cherries.  We plant a garden and we keep it weeded.  We eat the vegetables when they are ready!  We study seeds, plant them and watch them turn into beautiful bouquets that we pick for mommy.   We soak up the sun.

We feed the birds and talk about what each kind eats.  We listen for their songs and we watch the nest boxes for mama bird's head and then the babies' to peek out.  We run and play tag.

Then we head inside to cool off and do some crafts.  And one of our favorite things to do is cardboard sculpting.  Gaga learned to sculpt as a child by putting things together.  Gaga had two large cardboard tubes from bubble wrap rolls that she thought would make wonderful castle towers.  But these creative kids had ideas of their own.  "I know" he said, "I want to make a control center, a headquarters out of this pressed paper!"  And she wanted to make a telescope and goggles for Gaga!  It pays to save toilet and paper towel tubes, ribbon rolls and the pressed paper that comes in boxes packing fragile thing or tools.  It gives you material to cut, create and tape together.  We love tape at Camp Gaga.

We play a bit and then it is time for our science experiment.   Gaga has books of fun science things to do, and watches Instagram for ideas.  This time we learned that gel food coloring is NOT the same as the good old liquid kind.  Our science experiment didn't work but we will try it again and report back on that.   We love donning our lab aprons and safety glasses.  We love science.

We have just plain fun at Camp Gaga too.  We play lots of board games.  My grandson loves board games and usually wins.  It is a miracle when Gaga wins one to be honest.  We laugh a lot because Gaga often has to miss a turn or go back to the beginning.  We laugh and learn to be good sports.  My grand daughter is learning to play them too, but she drifts off and plays with our doll houses. We roll the dice and advance either forwards or backwards depending on where we land.  Yep, we learn that life is like that; forwards or backwards...but always full and rich and blessed beyond measure.  Summer is here, Camp Gaga is in session and we are really happy about that!

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