Saturday, June 1, 2013

My house came with a beautifully landscaped yard.  The gardens are filled with the most amazing trees, shrubs and  flowers, many that I have never see before.  This first spring is like a birthday every day...each morning I go out to see what is blooming!  This beautiful flower is a Sweet Bay Leaf magnolia and the blooms are huge and fragrant.
 This  must be an old fashion fairy rose.  It is so softly pink and tiny and covered in blossoms!  It looks so pretty growing against the white picket fence.

This unusual tree is a fringe tree.  It is covered in feathery white blooms with the softest fragrance.  I looked it up online and a website said it was lovely viewed at night under the light of the full moon.  I will add that an evening of great blues music, a good friend and some tequila add to the experience.

This is another type of magnolia.   The flowers are waxy and beautiful and smell so sweetly of oranges.  The shrub is covered with blossoms and I love to visit it throughout the day.

And here is my peekaboo rose.  This curious bud sneaked out of the slats in the privacy fence on the alley side of the dog park.  So much beauty must burst forth I guess, it just has to fill the world.

There are so many roses planted in this yard, and they are covered in buds.  Shrubs and flowering trees are full of buds also and I can hardly wait to see what they produce!

One of my neighbors told me that my yard was the envy of the neighborhood.  I can hardly wait for more proof!

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