Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fairy Gardens

 I love little things.  Teeny tiny, miniature items from daily life have always made me smile.  I have collected them for years, tucked in little boxes and wrapped in tissue, safe.  And I love gardening.  I love planting, nurturing, protecting and watching new life grow, all green and ready to make flowers.  So, this business of fairy gardens is just my style.  I have been making all kinds of bits and pieces and putting them together in little planters.

It is kind of like playing with doll houses again, except you are playing with furniture and little things in dirt.  That makes it even better!  Here is a picture of my first fairy garden.  I even made tiny little bunnies.

He even has dirt on his tiny feet...

Now who wouldn't want to live in a little house like this.  I like to put houses in my little gardens.  I think it makes it more inviting for fairies and wee folk to want to live there.  The colors are amazing and add so much to green, green plants.

My son Ben has gotten in the mix too, making little dog houses and pups in just the right scale to make little dog gardens.  I just love these!  He is making tiny garden tools and watering cans too.

This is just too much fun!  We are bringing them to our summer shows, see you there!

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