Saturday, February 11, 2012

Strong Winds of Winter

The wind up here amazes me.  It blows off of Lake Michigan with a fury in the winter.  I love the moment I arrive and hear those dizzying breathes blowing through the pine trees.  I can hear the waves crash on the shore and I know I am here.  This is where my grandson lives.  And his mommy and daddy of course.  Three seasons of the year I love that sound, but in the winter it chills a bit.  Not much goes on outside at the dunes in the winter on a snow stormy weekend like this.  That wind that blows the snow takes your breath away.  So we find indoor pursuits to keep us occupied.  Last night we introduced baby to the magical world of bubbles.

He really didn't know what to do or what sound to make.  He sat primly in mama's lap for at least 5 minutes in awe of the colorful baubles that blew from mommy's lips and that yellow magic wand. They touched him and disappeared.  He grabbed at them and they were gone.  Oh that Nana gaga, she brings magic when she comes.
 Nana gaga makes waffles for breakfast too on cold snowy mornings.  She makes the batter right in front of baby in his high chair and pours it in that other magical appliance, the waffle maker. Out pops something baby really, really likes.  In fact, he loves waffles so much he shares them with his fuzzy, furry labradoodle pal, Leon.  Now that is real friendship.   Baby is growing up with puppies.  They walk around him, they sniff and kiss the top of his head.  He has learned to pat them gently on the head and leave the older dogs alone.  They all seem to understand that he is the new pink puppy, just one of the pack.   Could be because he shares his breakfast.  Doesn't matter.

Later, the wind is still blowing and it lulls baby to sleep for a nappy...and all those puppies, too.  Let the wind and snow blow all it can, we are tucked in safe and sound, peaceful and quiet.  Sweet.

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