Monday, May 25, 2009

I had a great day today. well it was nutty but good. Morgan worked this morning and we had a good visit. after lunch the pups and I took a break in the weather and walked at the park. unfortunately the weather break did not last through our walk and we were drenched! and I mean soaked. still it was warm and we didn't care. we even saw a bit of the memorial day ceremony at the cemetery and got a sweet hug from my friend Sasha, who also happens to be my sister Rosey's step daughter. nice.

I have been making things for these upcoming shows! fun new pins and bunnies. tonight I even made some dogs with bees. and old friend called and played a song for me that he had written. R & B of course. fun.

life is good and I am blessed. I'm starting to feel like me again...

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