Monday, August 25, 2008


Welcome to my online diary! I am so happy to share the stories of life on Rabbitville Road. I work in my studio by day, creating wonderful clay sculptures. This is a beautiful place, a retreat from the big world outside. It is peaceful and quiet and I am visited by all kinds of animals and interesting people. I have daily visits from mama deer and their fawns, rabbits, (of course!) possums, raccoons, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, turkeys, coyotes, and the neighborhood dogs and cats. I have flyovers by all kinds of birds, including sandhill cranes, herons, geese, eagles, hawks, owls and every other kind of bird imaginable. I have 17 fish living in my fish pond as well as some interesting frogs. I have two dogs, one 9 year old named Annie who followed me home one day when I was running. The other is an adorable pup named Jack who has cornered the market on cute. They are my constant companions. I love to garden, and live to be outside. But my deliberate passion is to create and clay is my medium. I plan to share my creative adventures with you and keep you updated on what is happening in my little part of the world. Life is indeed wonderful on Rabbitville Road!

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